Terms of services

1. Existence of a contract

This contract between you and the S.A. EAS-APP governs your use of the Assisto app.
Assisto is only available to persons 18 years of age and older at the time of the acceptance of these conditions.
If you are 16 or older but under 18 at the time of acceptance of these terms, you should read with your parents or the person legally responsible for you and make sure you understand them.
If you do not accept these terms, do not use the Assisto app.
These conditions shall apply without prejudice to the licences you may have concluded, for example, using the application i-tunes store.

2. Description of Assisto app

Assisto is an app that allows you to establish with other stakeholders and to transmit a European Accident Statement following a traffic accident, via the internet, using a smartphone or a tablet.

3. Obligations of the parties

Obligations of EAS-APP:

EAS-APP provides the service Assisto promptly and according to the state of the art solutions and techniques.
EAS-APP undertakes, without cost to the user, to implement all the means and actions necessary to ensure that the application works normally and continously.

Obligations of the user:

A. Input of personal data

In order to use Assisto, you will need to input personal information, such as:

  • Your personal information;
  • The information available on the green card of your vehicle;
  • The information available on your driver’s license;

You agree to provide accurate and complete information as well as update them when needed. You are solely responsible for the confidentiality, security and use of Assisto. EAS-APP cannot be held responsible for any unauthorised use of your account.

B. Follow instructions

You agree to use Assisto according to the instructions manual available on www.assis.to and in accordance with this contract.

C. No diversion of use

You agree not to access the services of Assisto and EAS-APP S.A. by any means other than via the application you can download on the Appstore and Google Play.
You agree not to circumvent, modify or alter the security dispositions of Assisto as well as not to help a person to do so.
You agree not to declare an accident statement via Assisto if the accident has not actually happened.

D. Input of personal data and data from the accident

You agree to input as many times as it will be required by the Assisto app your personal information and data relating to the accident you want to declare to your insurance company correctly, fairly and promptly.

E. Accept that Assisto produces evidence for and against you

You agree that the input of data in Assisto can be used as evidence in court for as well as against you.

F. Fully remake the the paper version if necessary

You agree to remake an accident statement on a paper form if your insurance company requires it, coreectly, fairly, promptly and in exact accordance with the accident you had previously completed via the Assisto app.

G. Bear the cost of communications related to the use of Assisto

You agree to pay all costs related to the use, in Belgium or abroad, of Assisto, including the price of your internet connection needed to use Assisto’s systems which will be charged by your service provider.

4. Autorisation relative to the custody and treatment of data

You acknowledge and entrust EAS-APP with an express mandate to use the data you have entered in Assisto in order to enable:

  • the creation of a European Accident Statement according to the data you have entered;
  • The use of the data for statistics and/or marketing (if you previously agreed), while ensuring the confidentiality and respect of your anonymity.

5. Copyrights – Intellectual property

All copyrights relating to Assisto and its components are the sole property of the S.A. EAS-APP.
You agree that the software, its operation, its content, including display logos and graphics, links to other internet resources are protected by the laws on intellectual property and in particular copyright.
You also agree not to reproduce, modify, rent, give, lend, sell, distribute or create the elements listed above in any manner and in any form whatsoever.

6. Responsibility and liability

A. App and data processing

EAS-APP will provide the service with diligence and following state of the art rules.
EAS-APP does not guarantee that the service and data processing will be uninterrupted or error or malfunction.
You agree that the service may be interrupted for non predefined periods for technical operational reasons.

B. Update

EAS-APP will attempt as far as possible and as quickly as possible to remedy any malfunction or error by updates to the application.
You agree that the updates do not come immediately.

C. Damages

EAS-APP disclaims any liability for damages arising from the use of Assisto such as damages to the device on which the application is installed and the data contained.
EAS-APP assumes no responsibility for loss of time and loss of income incurred due to software malfunction, delays and transmission operation and the necessity of having to write an accident statement in paper form.
The service is safe from loss, attack, viruses, hacking or any other breach of security which will constitute events of force majeure and EAS-APP assumes no responsibility for the harmful consequences that might result from it.

7. Privacy

EAS-APP respects your privacy and makes every effort to respect your rights in this regard in the context of using Assisto.
To enable you to use the service provided by Assisto, we will have some of your personal data . We will clearly indicate the type of information necessary to provide the requested service.
EAS-APP will use your data to provide the desired service as well as for statistical purposes and possibly marketing if you agree .
The data will not be passed along to any third party .
EAS-APP is responsible for handling personal information collected through the application and may delegate to a subcontractor.
EAS-APP takes all necessary measures to ensure the protection of personal data as part of their treatment.
According to Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data , you have the right to access and rectify information concerning you that you can exercise , via the application by clicking on ” change my personal data” or on request cries tab, by contacting : support@assis.to .
You can also , for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of data about you by sending a written request EAS -APP SA , 44 rue des Palais , 1030 Brussels. In this case, you do not have access to Assisto’s features.
If you want more information , you may contact the Commission for the protection of privacy located at 1000 Brussels, rue de la Presse 35 www.privacycommission.be .

8. Assistance

EAS-APP provides you with specific materials for you to use Assisto in the best possible way:

  • An online user manual you can access on: www.assis.to;
  • Frequently asked questions by clicking: www.assis.to;
  • Assistance via email at: support@assis.to.

9. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

These terms of service and any dispute that may arise thereof and of the use of Assisto will be subjected to Belgian law and the courts of the judicial district of Brussels, Belgium.

10. Modification

EAS-APP reserves the right, at any time, to modify these Terms of services and to impose new conditions on use of the service. These changes and new conditions will be provided and if you agree, they will come into force with immediate effect and will be an integral part of this contract.

If you refuse these changes and new conditions, EAS-APP reserves the right to refuse access to its services and / or terminate the contract.

Assisto’s team & EAS-APP S.A.